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Q. Am I supposed to make full payment online before collecting the purchased items?
A. No, the only payment that must be fully made online is the small delivery fee, the rest of the payments is done at the store during collection.

 Q. Which modes are available for online payment?
A.  KMH payments can be made through MPESA, TiGoPesa and AirtelMoney.

Q. Is it possible to pay for 10% of cost fee during pick up?
No it is not possible, items will only be shipped to the pickup store after full payment of 10% of total cost.

Q. What happens if I fail to pick up my items on the day of delivery?
A. You will have two additional days to collect your item(s). Any extra day will be charged a storage fee of TSHs. 2,000 per day.

Q. What is KMH?
A. KMH eSupplies is an online shop for car accessories, engine & body parts.

Q. What is the difference between Shipping cost and Delivery cost?
A. Shipping cost is determined by location of the selected pickup store, while Delivery cost bases on how urgent you want to receive your items.